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  • Welcome To The Zitsa Bookgarden
    The Zitsa Bookgarden is a Literary & Creative Community Center housed in the old pastry shop in the center of the village between the post office and the fruit markets. We carry new and used books, and we also rent books by the week. The cultural events, workshops and community programs that we have will help cement Zitsa as a cultural center away from the city. The Bookgarden is about 25K northwest of Ioannina right off the old Ioannina-Igoumenitsa road.
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Our collection is very eclectic - almost all of the used books (about 2,000 books!) were donations made by generous people from around the world, though the majority were from people here in Greece - and they range from literature, ancient history, and politics to popular fiction, poetry, and chidren's. We also have an impressive collection of very old, rare, and valuable books. Right now the largest percentage of our books are in Greek and English, but we also have some in German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Albanian, and a few in Czech, Swedish and Turkish. And we will keep expanding the collection ("slowly, slowly" as they say here in Greece!) to include as many languages as possible so that our books can be accessible to immigrants and natives a like, as well as the wide array of travelers who pass through our beautiful village!

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday every afternoon

Some days we are open early, at 4pm, and we are also open a few Sundays a month.

If the doors are open and the lights are on, come on in!!

Get in touch

Telephone. GR: 697 407 2217
US: 508.934.7099
Email. info@zitsabookgarden.com
Location. Zitsa, Ioannina,
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